Ponte Vedra Beach Shipwreck

Old ship sailing in the sea

It’s not every day that a piece of history washes up on the beaches of Florida, but that’s exactly what happened in the case of the Ponte Vedra Beach shipwreck. The huge hull appeared on the sandy shores in spring of 2018, and ever since its arrival, visitors from all around the world have traveled for the chance to snap photos of this incredible artifact. But where is the Ponte Vedra shipwreck now and why did it generate such buzz? Let’s go into the basics below!

What is the Ponte Vedra Beach Shipwreck?

Ponte Vedra Beach is a seaside community in Florida, known for its gorgeous scenery. Seemingly out of the blue, a 48-foot wooden hull appeared on the beach to the shock of the locals. Researchers from the nearby St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum visited the shipwreck immediately to assess this ancient relic. Details like copper tack heads, steam-powered technology, American Beech construction, and Roman numerals gave a few clues to the ship’s origins. The hull is estimated to date back to the 1830s or 1870s. Researchers currently believe that the vessel served as a merchant ship from the South, due to the materials and techniques used to craft the exterior.

Where is the Ponte Vedra Shipwreck?

While the Ponte Vedra shipwreck was an exceptionally well-preserved model upon its arrival, it faced serious wear and tear since becoming unearthed. Because of the temperature fluctuations and wet conditions of the beach setting, researchers moved the Ponte Vedra shipwreck to a protected and dry facility. Currently, the exhibit is safely stored in the GTM Research Reserve – and this was no small feat since the Ponte Vedra shipwreck weighs between 6,000 and 8,000 pounds. But for the importance of historical preservation, local St. Augustine contractors did the work free of charge. Scientists are currently working on ways to create a 3-D model to preserve its memory for future research.

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