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Black Book vs. Blue Book Value

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If you’re thinking about moving on to yournext vehicle, you, like a lot of our Jacksonville drivers, likely have questions. What is your car’s trade in value, meaning how much will the dealership pay you for it? What is the Blue Book value? How does that differ from the Black Book value? You have questions. We have answers. Let’s delve into the details about how we determine your car’s trade in value and do a Black Book vs. Blue Book comparison below.



Kelly Blue Book

What is “Blue Book value”? Kelly Blue Book is used by a lot of dealers, and will often be featured on a dealership’s website. We like it because it utilizes a ton of different data to calculate your car’s trade-in value, meaning it uses over 250 data sources with 3 trillion data points. It not only calculates the value of your car, but specifically its value when traded in at a Gainesville dealership. It’s so accurate, we’ll give you an instant cash offer based on the value it calculates. What’s the blue book value of your car? You can look it uphere!

Black Book

Black Book is the major competitor to Kelly Blue Book. A Black Book vs. Blue Book comparison shows that it does not use as many data points as Kelly Blue Book, nor is it as consumer friendly. However, it does update weekly and uses actual vehicle transaction pricing data.

Black Book vs. Blue Book — Which is Better?

Both Black Book and Kelly Blue Book use accurate data modeling to calculate a car’s trade in value, meaning they are both reliable. However, we prefer the broader data approach and transparency to customers that Kelly Blue Book provides. Here’s a comparison of what each service uses to evaluate a vehicle:

Black Book vs. Blue Book

Kelly Blue Book

  • Predictive analytics.
  • Industry and field analysis trends.
  • Over 250 data sources with 3 trillion data points.
  • Regionalized values and pricing from over 100 different areas in the U.S.A.
  • Economic conditions.
  • Car condition
  • Trim
  • Car age
  • Car features
  • Mileage

Black Book

  • Wholesale auction and actual vehicle transaction pricing data
  • Market insights
  • Market fluctuations
  • Seasonal adjustments
  • Regional factors.
  • Automobile’s equipment, age, mileage, and condition.

Get a Fair Price for Your Trade In at Honda of the Avenues

Not only will we give you an instant offer for your trade based on the Kelly Blue Book value, we’ll go above and beyond to help you get into your next vehicle. You can evencalculate your payment online. We’re conveniently located near both Orange Park and St. Augustine, so drop by orcontact us today!


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