GAP Coverage Plans

GAP Coverage

If you're purchasing a new vehicle or a relatively new used one, you may end up owing more on the car than it's actually worth after some time passes. That's because depreciation and other factors lower the value of your vehicle, causing a gap between what your vehicle is worth and the amount you still owe with your car loan. So, if you happen to get into an accident or your car is stolen, you could be left making up this difference yourself.

This is where Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) insurance comes in. If you need a little help getting the extra coverage you didn't receive from your insurance company, GAP insurance is a great solution. One of the leading benefits of this insurance is that it can be rolled into your auto loan, making it one less bill you have to worry about paying.

When to Consider GAP Insurance

  • Purchasing a New Vehicle
  • Purchasing a Lightly Used Vehicle
  • Purchasing an Expensive Vehicle
  • Financing a Large Amount

If you're interested or want more information about GAP Coverage, please feel free to contact us directly or stop by our dealership at 11333 Philips Highway, Jacksonville, FL 32256 for a test-drive. We look forward to serving our customers from Jacksonville, FL, and throughout St. Augustine, Northeast Florida and the First Coast.